Healthcape – {1} Awake

They all woke up in front of an aquarium. It seemed as if they were in an old house, as the room was completely made out of wood, with the ceiling very similar to the slatted floor. The slates on the low ceiling were cut, making a symetrical but not round hole just on top... Continue Reading →


Healthcape – First Description (Work in progress)

Seven people are locked in a room, and see a very strange aquarium when they wake up. They find themselves trapped in a game they have to play, in order to escape with their lives. They realise their mental health issues grant them inner strength, as they progress through the dilemmas set up in the... Continue Reading →

A face in a very quiet crowd

I took this picture about two weeks ago, when the city I live in at the moment was granted some oh-so-pretty-as-long-as-nobody-walks-on-it- thus-making-it-become-sludgy snow! Snow is amazing when you don't get to see it often. (And probably when you do, as well! I wouldn't know.) I find it so peaceful. Everything tends to slow down, people... Continue Reading →


From conflict and confusion, to acceptance and understanding. Two points of view diverge, one rather commanding While the other is fiercely withstanding, The assault of words, those tools which convey pain. They know their words come from a dark place, They know they should refrain From uttering this nonsensical flow of plaints. Give each other... Continue Reading →

Last thoughts – FFXV

So I have finished Final Fantasy 15 and I loved the characters. The silly banter between the 4 guys, their deep affection for each other... especially for Noctis. Gladio, the ruthless shield and armor. Prompto, the eternal trickster with a giant heart and better marksman skills than you can dream of. Ignis, the cold-blooded, smart... Continue Reading →

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